Presbyterian Senior Care (HMO) and Presbyterian MediCare PPO | Fall 2020 | Your Story 9 Your 2021 Hearing Coverage Your benefit covers up to two Advanced or Premium hearing aids per year with copayments starting at $699. TruHearing Advanced TruHearing Premium Routine exam 32 channels 48 channels In-network 6 channels 6 channels Your Plan: Retail: $2,445/aid Retail: $3,125/aid Presbyterian Senior Care (HMO) $699 copay/aid $999 copay/aid $0 exam copay Presbyterian Medicare PPO $699 copay/aid $999 copay/aid $0 exam copay Your benefit also includes: ● Risk-free 45-day trial period ● 48 free batteries with non-rechargeable models ● Full three-year manufacturer warranty 1. Smartphone-compatible hearing aids connect directly to iPhone ® , iPad ® , and iPod ® Touch devices. Connectivity also available to many Android ® phones with use of an accessory. TV streaming available through most TVs with use of an accessory. 2. Rechargeable features may not be available in all models and styles. 3. In-app interfacing requires provider activation. 4. Must be performed by a TruHearing network provider. Are you a Presbyterian Dual Plus (HMO D-SNP) member? You have great hearing benefits through TruHearing too! Your plan offers a $2,000 allowance every two years for hearing aids and a hearing screening at no charge. To learn more, visit Call TruHearing to learn more and schedule an appointment from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Friday, at 1-866-202-0110 (TTY: 711 ). Get back the joy of hearing Better hearing helps you stay connected to the ones you love. That’s why Presbyterian Medicare Advantage plans offer you hearing aid benefits through TruHearing ® . Your hearing aid benefit includes: ● Personalized care ● Guidance and assistance from a TruHearing hearing consultant professional exam from a local, licensed provider ● Three follow-up visits for fitting and adjustments to ensure you’re completely satisfied with your hearing aids Next-generation sound ● Powerful hearing aids help you hear what matters most, wherever you are ● Device sensors automatically adjust for a natural sound, even while you’re moving ● Own Voice Processing (OVP ® ) recognizes your voice and makes it sound more natural Devices for your lifestyle ● Bluetooth connectivity for streaming your favorite music, TV, and phone calls straight to your ears ● Rechargeable battery options that provide an all-day charge in three to four hours ● A smart app that acts as a hearing aid remote control, allows you to interface with your provider, and even tracks your physical activity Think you might have hearing loss? Try our free, fast online screening. Go to . Accessible from your tablet, computer, or smartphone.