Presbyterian Senior Care (HMO) and Presbyterian MediCare PPO | Summer 2019 | Your Story 11 Joined Presbyterian: 2007 Hometown: Calcutta, India Guardian Angel awards: 5 “Offer a big dose of compassion to each patient. That’s a very big thing for me. It’s very important, even if you cannot do much else.” “When people come to us, they have a feeling of helplessness and vulnerability,” said Dr. Hirak Sen. “They are at their lowest point and it’s important for us to be conscious of that.” He lets patients and their families know they are important by taking the time to listen and answer their concerns honestly. The bonds he establishes, in turn, inspire loyalty that reaches across generations. Joined Presbyterian: 2010 Hometown: Ribeirao Preto, Brazil Guardian Angel awards: 2 “What makes a good doctor good is not necessarily prescribing a bunch of pills or doing a bunch of fancy procedures—it’s really being able to listen to what folks’ concerns are, address them and then provide guidance. A lot of times, that’s all it takes.” Wanting to work in a field where he could interact with people, Dr. Guilherme Marin has used his skills as a good listener to become a cardiologist who can be counted on for both expertise and truth. Even when giving bad news, Dr. Marin takes the time to inform and comfort his patients and their families. “I have no problem being honest and I think people appreciate that,” he said. “They don’t like to be misguided or given false expectations, so I think this is what I do best.” Joined Presbyterian: 1999 Hometown: Milwaukee, WI Guardian Angel awards: 2 “I tell patients to do a little bit every day. A little tweak on their diet. Five minutes of extra walking. A little something every day becomes a huge change in 365 days.” Having once been a nurse, Dr. Jane Schauer has a personable way of connecting with her patients and is known for her no-nonsense approach in helping them learn to help themselves. With a PhD in exercise physiology and a willingness to include holistic and nonmedical practices, she knows that there are many ways to achieve good health. She encourages patients to look at other options, including phone apps and YouTube videos, to find eating plans and exercises that work for them. Hirak J. Sen, MD, cardiology, clinical electrophysiology Guilherme B. Marin, MD, interventional cardiology Jane E. Schauer,MD, cardiology Angel honorees Make someone’s day! Guardian Angel gifts recognize the exceptional care of physicians, nurses or hospital staff while benefiting their departments with funds for new programs and equipment. To find out more, please call Kathryn Richards at (505) 724-7003 or visit .