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10 Good cardiologists (heart doctors) can explain the mechanics of a heart in the body. Great cardiologists understand the implications those mechanics have for a person’s life. They take the time to listen, comfort, understand, explain, and tell the truth—even when the news is not good. To them, a patient is not just a person, but a friend. Giving in action —Guardian Joined Presbyterian: 2010 Hometown: Albuquerque, NM Guardian Angel awards: 2 “People don’t always make the decisions we would make. I think it’s important to take care of patients within their context and not ours.” Dr. Vanessa Marin has the ability for helping patients go through difficult situations, getting to know them through her natural kindness and genuine insight. Some are scared and need time to accept what’s happening to them, while others are worried about taking medication or the effect of their condition on family members. “Once you know someone’s concerns, you can understand what they’re going through and find a way to make [their treatment] work,” she says. Joined Presbyterian: 1996 Hometown: Albuquerque, NM Guardian Angel awards: 3 “Compassion and empathy go together. You have to try and get a sense of what this person is going through.” With his easygoing manner and playful sense of humor, Dr. Friedman puts his patients at ease and their fears to rest. Knowing that the term heart disease can bring out the worst kind of thoughts, he gives real data to help patients see the best of the situation. “Many people live long and productive lives despite having significant heart disease,” he said. “I try to put it all in perspective and tell them the things they can do to improve the quality and length of their lives.” Vanessa C. Marin, MD, cardiology Here are five cardiologists with their own styles of caring that make lasting impressions on their patients. Daniel B. Friedman, MD, cardiology Heart and Vascular Care cardiologists have received the highest number of Guardian Angel recognition gifts from grateful patients—some of them more than once. Quality Improvement Organization update The contact information for the Quality Improvement Organization for New Mexico has changed. KEPRO is paid by Medicare to check on and help improve the quality of care for people with Medicare. They are not connected with Presbyterian Health Plan. Chapter 2 of your Evidence of Coverage explains what the Quality Improvement Organization is and how they work. Below is the updated contact information for KEPRO: Phone: 1-888-315-0636 (Calls to this number are toll free.) TTY: 1-855-843-4776 Fax: 1-833-868-4060 Address: 5201 Kennedy Blvd. Ste. 900 Tampa, FL 33609